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The Tofu Shake Diet!
Thursday, April 17, 2008 | Time: 6:26 AM

Every morning I have a tofu shake for breakfast! Its a fast, delicious, healthy way to start your morning off! My sister-in-law loves it too, and finds it very helpful in losing weight!
Lots of protein and vitamins, fiber too - excellent for the digestive system. Vegan/vegetarian, get your serving of fruit and calcium and everything all at once!
This is an inexpensive shake to make - 1 box tofu $1.25, 1 bag frozen fruit $6, 1/2 gallon soymilk $4, 1/2 gallon cranberry juice $3. For one person, this will last at least a week until you need to buy more tofu. The other ingredients, i find, will last at least 3 weeks making 1 shake every day!
I never really measured the ingredients, so I'm guessing here, just add enough liquid so its the right consistency (drinkable slush!).

1/8 block of tofu
1/2- 3/4 cup soymilk
1/2-3/4 cup juice (i like cranberry, just make sure its 100% juice, no sugar added!)
a handfull of frozen fruit

Makes one big shake - could make two small ones easily.

The trick is to get everything in the blender the right way. Sometimes its hard to blend up whole, frozen fruit, so the way I do it is to add them in that order - with the fruit last, on top of the liquid. I guess it would be easier to use chopped fruit too, but I'm lazy :)
Anyways just put everything in, blend, and enjoy! This is just my 'recipe' but you can put anything you want in it, even fresh fruit if you have it on hand (though if you like the consistancy of a milkshake, you can add crushed ice). Ive tried spices like cinnamon, and even sugar free coffee flavoring syrup is delicious!
Great for on-the-go, keeps for a few hours in a insulated travel cup.

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