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Cant Go Wrong - Bean Burgers!
Thursday, October 11, 2007 | Time: 12:31 PM

Ok if i HAD a food processor, this part would be me going on about 'I just love my food processor'. I do have a blender, however, which isn't quite as nice but works in a pinch. But for those lucky souls who do own one, I recommend using your food processor for this.
Anyways, I like this recipe because its not only quick, easy and healthy but also - you guessed it - Frugal! Yay! This is one of those super customizable recipes you can do with just about anything you've got lying around the house (sans the cat furballs perhaps). I modified this recipe from 101Cookbooks, because of what I had on hand at the time. Also, its just lil 'ol me cookin for myself so I don't need to make 12 something burgers.

I pinched this picture from 101Cookbooks, because, well frankly mine aren't as pretty as hers, and I'm feelin pretty lazy today. Hey I'm 8 months preggers, I can.

1 Can of Beans (I like black beans), drained
1 egg
1 tbsp cheddar cheese
1/4 cup or so leftover veggies (i had squash and zucchini)
1/3 cup or so crushed crackers (or breadcrumbs if you got 'em)
1 tsp Sesame oil

Filling - 1/2 small avacado, half a handfull of fresh spinach

Blend up beans, egg and cheese till it gets to be a sort of moisty almost-hummus type consistency, but not a puree exactly, chunks are good. (Normally you'd add a little salt to taste, but I used saltine crackers so I figured that was plenty. I suppose a little garlic, onion, or maybe curry powder would be a nice add in too.)
Transfer to a bowl or plate, pour in crushed crackers/breadcrumbs, let sit for a minute or two (while your pan is heating up) so the crackers can absorb some of the moisture - it's still kind of like a batter ultimately so don't worry about it being mush. Mush is better, because they come out alot more moist. Put a little sesame oil in the pan (or whatever oil you like, olive is good too) and when hot, drop big spoonfulls of batter into the pan about the size you want your patties, 1 to 1 1/2 inch thick. Cook 3-4 minutes on each side, till nicely browned and cooked through. Cool on a wire wrack or serve immediately.
Thats about it, really. I like to make a little sandwich with mine, mush up some ripe avacado, pile on a little spinach and top with another burger. Very filling, nutritious - and oh so cheap!

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