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Enchiladas from Scratch!
Saturday, October 25, 2008 | Time: 5:32 PM

Enchaladas are delicious and fairly quick&easy to make. That is, unless you make practically everything from scratch like I did! The results are very much worthwhile, if you have the time. And it was lots of fun to make the tortillas myself! Mexican food is so rustic, its easy to add whatever 'floats your boat' and still have it come out delicious.

I made tortillas with Maseca corn flour, which is very easy to find in Texas, in the Mexican food aisle of the grocery. I'm not sure how easy it is to find out of Texas, but I'm assuming most [American] groceries carry at least a small selection of Mexican style food.
The tortillas couldn't be easier to make, though somewhat time consuming. You just mix the corn flour with water to form a soft dough. Roll them into about walnut size pieces, put between some parchment paper and press with a tortilla press. Or failing to have a tortilla press [I don't :( ] you can use a big pot and mush it between parchment or wax paper till it forms a nice circle, about 1/8" thick I suppose. Im not exactly sure on the measurement but its a bit thicker than the store-bought tortillas, about as thick as two or three together.
Then fry them up in a pan [maybe in some butter or oil] for a minute or two each side, till they're stiff, maybe a few scorch marks from the pan around the edges. They are lovely and taste fantastic when made fresh :>
Thats it, it doesn't take as long as pancakes.
Now for the Enchilada part -
serves about 4

For the Chicken:

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 cup of chunky salsa
1 chicken bullion [I like Knorr brand, its cheap and gluten-free]
1 onion bullion [also made by knorr]
1 cilantro bullion [ditto]
3-4 cups of water

Put everything in a pot and boil until chicken can be pulled apart with forks. This smells wonderful.

For the Rest:
1 can of [Old Elpasso] Enchilada sauce - Red, not Green
6-8 corn tortillas
A cup or so of grated cheese of your choice [I like mild cheddar]

A baking dish

Heat oven to 35O degrees F.
Pour sauce into a bowl. Warm the tortillas, this makes it easier to fold them! Working in an assembly line, grab a tortilla, dip it in the sauce with one hand. With the other hand, grab a slotted spoon, scoop chicken up and put into the tortilla. Roll tortilla around meat. Tuck into baking dish. Repeat until you fill the dish up. I usually get about 6-7 tortillas in mine.
Pour the sauce over everything, top with shredded cheese. Bake about 35 minutes until the tortillas mostly soak up the sauce. You can put the broiler on for a minute or so to brown up the cheese if you like it like I do.

The Short Method:
Use store-bought corn tortillas and instead of boiling the chicken, place all the chicken-ingredients in a crock pot [slow cooker] and cook on high for 4-5 hours. Pull apart chicken with two forks. Then it just takes a few minutes to assemble, so there is very little work. You can actually have a social life and a job with this method ;P


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