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Things that Look Nice
Monday, April 13, 2009 | Time: 8:39 AM

Sometimes I come across a recipe that looks really good. Only its not so tasty. This is one of them. All the ingredients and methods make it sound really yummy, but the end result isn't quite as satisfying.

Basically they are shredded, cooked, chicken mixed with spices and veggies (such as spinach, ricotta & olives or curry, apples and cinnamon), wrapped in egg roll wrappers and baked. Sounds good, right? Like appetizers at Chilis!
The problem is, when you BAKE eggroll wrappers, they get HARD. So what you're essentially eating is a hard, semi crunchy crust.. and not the yummy kind of crunchy. The half-baked, half-teeth-breaking kind of crunchy. :( <--- sad face.
I imagine these would be wonderful FRIED.
If I would allow myself to purchase and use a nice fryer... I would probably make these all the time.
I think these would be wonderful, baked, in puff pastry. Next time I've got some pastry laying around, I think I'll give that a try.

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