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OMG, Bibingka!
Thursday, January 22, 2009 | Time: 12:22 PM

New Asian food discovery - Bibingka! A Filipino rice cake made with rice flour, sort of like mochi in that way, but actually like a cake in texture.
I discovered a (real, honest to god) Asian shop here in Odessa. Me is happy! I think its more Filipino, there were a lot of that kind of thing, including this box of Bibingka mix. Yay! New things to discover! Honestly I dont see alot of this boxed stuff with online searches about this product, mostly recipes from scratch - I suppose its cheaper just to make it with rice flour. But I didn't really know what it was so i just bought the mix.
Being the good old fashioned American I am, I didn't want it to be cheesy or eggy or salty like some of the recipes. Just something sweet! Since there are lots of ways of doing it, I opted out of putting in salted eggs or cottage cheese. I added cconut milk instead of water :) Num num nummy!

(from the mix)
3 eggs
1 package Bibingka mix (there are two in a box)
1 cup coconut milk (it actually calls for water but this is really good)
1/2 cup sugar

Whip eggs until frothy. Add the remaining ingredients, mix well.
Pour into greased pan and bake at preheated 450 F oven for about 10-15 min.

These came out like totaly delicate, fluffy, cupcakes. I made mine in a cupcake pan of course. Well the first batch I left in too long (while blogging XD) and the bottoms were burned. Be careful, these guys burn QUICK!! But the second batch, mmm heavenly little cakies!!
These would've been just plain ol' cakes if I hadn't added in the coconut milk. Its a mild flavor but gives it a nice coconut notes and a creamy aftertaste.
This boxed mix has wheat flour in them, but most of the 'from scratch' recipes I found did not. In which case, if I made them from scratch, these would be great for my nephew who is allergic to wheat! Hmm. Birthday ideas!
I wonder if the recipes without wheat flour would have a chewier texture?
I think next time I will try with raisins and cinnimon, and/or do the traditional thing of adding syrup on top (made with coconut milk and brown sugar).
I think you could use these as official 'glueten free' cupcakes, without all the weird ingredients that are hard to find. That is, if you can find rice flour.

For anyone interested in making these from scratch, here are a few good-looking recipes I ran across while googling this dessert:
Bibingka, a Filipino Treat from blog Lonley's Only Thought
Bibingka (Flat Cake) from Recipezaar
Quick Bibingka Recipe from blog Pizza by the Slice

Next, I think I'll try my hand at some Avocado Ice Cream...

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