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Useless and Useful Things
Monday, December 29, 2008 | Time: 1:04 PM

While 'Stumble'-ing around this afternoon, I came across a few nifty food gadgets that were just too cool not to blog about.
First, these goggles. Ok, honestly this is a nearly-useless invention. I mean, I'm sure they work just fine. But who in their right mind would pay 20$ for a pair of padded glasses. The pink is nice though -
Pink Onion Goggles - $20 Pillsbury.com

Fortunately I did find a few useful things today. This grill, for example, is totaly genius. My hubby would love it, just because its so handy (he doesn't even camp much).
Somehow it stows up into one hollow tube. With a neat little hook, too! For $30, I think its a pretty good deal, because its just really cool.
You just pop it on top of a fire pit and -voila! Instant grill. There is even a link on the site for this handy travel grill pit for $10. Although, to me, it looks like a steamer someone left the holes out of. I wonder if you could use one of those instead... x_x~

Note: Im not selling any of this stuff. Just a random post about things that caught my little eye ;)

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