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It was going to be Naan bread...
Saturday, November 8, 2008 | Time: 11:05 AM

I made some delicious curry [see previous post] and I was going to have home-made Naan bread with it. After making the dough, I didn't really end up having the time to let it rise and do the whole 'bread' thing. So I ended up pan frying some flour tortillas in garlic butter to serve with the curry. It was yummy yummy!!!!
>>Note: Will put up Bread recipe in next post

But what to do with that leftover dough? When my sweetheart likes something, there usually aren't any leftovers. So the curry thing was out. I wanted to make something interesting...
So I ended up making a few 'naan bread pizzas' and a nice loaf of honey-sesame bread!

Honey Sesame Bread

Indian Bread Dough,
Honey, Sesame Seeds

After letting the dough rise and kneading it, I tore it into several large chunks. Taking three of the chunks, I flattened them a little and rolled them, putting them into a bread pan. Like little dough enchiladas! After they rose to double, I drizzled a little honey and scattered some roasted sesame seeds on top.
Bake at 35O F oven for about 2O minutes.

The yummy conclusion:
A really nice bread with fluffy interior and lovely gooey-sweet exterior. Alot of the honey sank to the bottom during baking so it was nice and sticky on the bottom too!! Serve hot with honey butter!

Naan Pizza!


Indian Bread Dough, Spaghetti Sauce, Shredded Cheese, Cooked Hamburger

The pizzas were super easy. I took the last piece of dough, tore it into 4 small pieces, rolled them into balls, then rolled them out flat - with a trusty tumbler glass. I really need to buy a rolling pin at some point, lol.
I let everything rise [along with the bread] for about an hour.
Preheating the oven to about 4OO degrees F i baked the rounds on a cookie sheet for 2-3minues until they started puffing up, just to get them started. Then I took them out and poked holes with a fork and let the air out.
You could easily make just about any kind of pizza since its such a versitle food.
I happend to have cheddar cheese and a bit of hamburger leftover [from making mini burgers for hubbys lunch] so I got cheeseburger pizza :>
Baked the whole thing for about 1O minutes, broiling the last few minutes to get a nice crispy crust and cheese.
Deeeelicious :> im a big pizza fan!

After all is said and done, I'd probably have preferred cooking the pizzas on a grill or at least on a rack in the oven. The middle of the crust was a little soggy with the sauce. Other than that, it was really good and probably would be even better to take proper Indian Bread [with spices kneaded into it] and toast a little pizza on top of that! :> Yum!

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