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Rice Pancakes
Monday, January 12, 2009 | Time: 5:50 AM

My hubby recently decided he wants to eat less wheat. Doctors say it may be the cause of skin problems for him, he has very dry skin that cracks and gets icky. Its not exactly Eczema, but more of an allergy?
Anyways, I've been looking for good recipes for rice and found a decent one today. Its actually a pretty old recipe, in Asian families, for leftover rice in the mornings.
These are a bit like Latkes - potato pancakes - but with rice instead!
Basically you take cooked, leftover rice (it could even be leftover Chinese takey-outy fried rice!) and add enough egg to make it a batter (like pancake batter). Then fry them, like you would pancakes, turn them after a few minutes on one side.
I think this would be great as a sweet or savory dish - you could add butter and maple syrup for a sweet treat, or go the Asian way and add veggies and meat or whatever you have leftover from dinner. Serve with hot pepper sauce.
These might be great as bento lunch sides.

Rice Pancakes Recipe
Adapted from Nihonhacks.com

3 cups leftover cooked brown rice (or leftover Chinese fried rice)
2 eggs
butter or oil for frying
Salt to taste

1. Combine leftover rice and eggs together until well mixed.

2. Heat a skillet over medium-high heat. Add butter and allow to melt, tilting pan to coat.

3. Drop batter into skillet by large spoonsful and allow to brown, then flip and brown on other side.

4. Add salt to taste and serve.

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