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Yum Cooking
Thursday, September 24, 2009 | Time: 7:37 AM

Yum cooking is like comfort food. But more fun. Maybe healthier. Sometimes. Whatever. Its yummy and that's why its Yum Food.
Tonight's Yum Food is:

Baked Chicken (leg/thighs) - just two leg/thigh pieces baked with a little Italian (oil&vinegar type) salad dressing on top.

Baked Garlicky Potato Fries - using the recipe from The Purple Foodie

Also some delicious jalapeno poppers/armadillo eggs - which are basically halved jalapenos (scrape the seeds out if you want less spicy), stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon and then baked until bacon is crispy. These are nice on the grill too.

Sorry for this very lazy post. I am feeling very lazy :)

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